Hoarding Care and Cleanup

What is a hoarder?hoarded kitchen

Hoarding is a loosely used term.

Some refer it as a persistent difficulty in disposing of, throwing or parting away with things because of the constant feeling that it might come in useful in the future.


Cases may be less severe but still characterized by a substantial mess that may be disposed or done away. In every case, hoarding creates a life of clutter and receding breathing room due to of the lack of functional space necessary for healthy living.

Who Hoards?

Anyone from a young CEO to an elderly neighbour could be hoarder.  Hoarding is a valid psychiatric disorder that can affect anyone. provides discreet, confidential treatment to ALL of our clients, regardless of age or status.  


A hoarder is a person who collects and keeps heaps of physical items that they think are useful but actually provide little to no value to their life. 

Unlike collectors, a hoarder doesn’t usually arrange and display their belongings neatly. They tend to leave them cluttered everywhere.


Some of the symptoms or signs that a person is a hoarder include:

  • Difficulty getting disposing of things
  • Piles of clutter in private spaces
  • Unable to stop taking free stuff or buying things on a bargain
  • Refusal to do home repairs
  • Stops inviting family and friends to their home due to shame

Why do People Hoard?

Hoarding helps to provide a sense of security. It eases anxieties as hoarders develop emotional connections and become distressed when making disposal decisions.

Sometimes, when a hoarder sees certain things to be special, or too valuable to be thrown out; the hoarder desists from parting with worthless items.

What is Involved in Hoarding Clean Up?

Understanding the severity of the situation

Whether you’re a family member or a professional cleaner, it is essential to understand the severity of the situation both with the hoarder and the home or space.

The hoarder may require counselling or a certified specialist that fully understands their condition and is able to provide treatment with compassion and care.
It is equally important to know the gravity of the work to be done in the affected space to create a plan and right approach to clear or clean. Experts like conduct free in-home visits for site inspections.

Create a plan for clean-up and disposal

 After an inspection, the next phase is to create a clean-up plan.

Hoard specialists are available to create a custom plan involving sorting, extraction, packing, transporting, donation and/or disposal.



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