Estate Clean Out

Cleaning After The Passing of a Loved One


An estate clean out typically happens after a death, on the rare occasion an estate may also need to be handled a secondary or third party in the instance of debt or eviction. 

Everything accumulated during someone’s life, including but not limited to, physical belongings, monetary assets, and land, are part of an estate. 

One designated person, a benefactor, is usually put in charge of sorting affairs which includes cleaning out a house or physical property.   


The days following the loss of a loved one can be emotionally tolling and physically exhausting.  Moving forward, begins with cleaning out their estate.

Cleaning out an estate can be challenging because of emotional attachments to physical items and the barriers between the deceased and their belongings.  For example, often times people form collections with items that have no transferable value.

Hiring professionals not only saves time but saves from having to clean up the mess. 

Often times people accumulate items throughout their lifespan that sit and collect dust, or may have been hiding other unpleasant hidden surprises that need to be cleaned.  Sometimes it is necessary to add the additional services of an extreme clean specialist to restore the functionality of a living space.

We do more than just clean out, we can organize a space and make sure contents end up in their appropriate final destination.  We will even sort personal documents and mail to the individual in charge of the estate’s affairs or whoever that person designates as the recipient.


The total cost of an estate clean out are unique for each situation depending on size and individual needs.
Some expenses may include:
Storage- To ensure space for preservation and security of valuables.
Shipping- Partitioning contents of estate to beneficiaries if unable to be picked up.
Taxes and other legal fees- Legal fees and taxes as probate of wills, inheritance tax and executors.
Donations - Transferring ownership of donated items and delivery.
Moving and Transfers - Moving large or bulk loads that require professional handling.

Plan An Estate Clean Out

Having an unbiased, fresh perspective can help accelerate the clear out process. Make a plan with an experienced professional at and let us take care of details.


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