Cleaning a Flooded Basement

typical flooded basement

Cleaning after a flood can be exhausting. Pre-planning and making a resource list can help alleviate some of that stress and save you time and money.

Coming Into Flood Season

Be proactive!

Keep your basement clean and organized before flooding season hits. A typical basement can cost an average of $43,000 to fully repair after flood damage, so it is well worth putting valuable time aside to prepare.

Make your home easy to inspect by keeping the areas around the pipes and sub pumps clear.  Don’t let your basement fall into a state of disrepair because it is a lesser used part of the home. 

Clear everything that you can away from these problematic spots so that when a flood does occur in your basement, it will be much more efficient for future inspections

As we spoke about in a previous post, basements can easily become the core of a clutter or a hoarding problem.  Follow our Free Checklist for an easy guide to manage your basement’s belongings.


Check your home insurance policy to make sure that you have adequate coverage.  Know what your plan covers and make a plan on how to cover what it won't.

After The Flood

If it’s already too late and your home has flooded, ensure that your home is free from any harmful bacteria that may still be inhabiting the basement.

Once the water has been pumped out of the basement, place dehumidifiers around the space to help eliminate excess moisture.  

Some of the critical things to be careful of are the harmful bacteria that may have been brought in by the water. 

Often sewage contamination can make their way into your home.  In this case, call an expert for help.  A professional extreme cleaner will be prepared to handle hazardous conditions.  If you must enter the contaminated space at all, wear a protective mask at all times and clothing that covers all skin.

Opening the windows can also help air out and ventilate the area. 


Excessive moisture and dampness are the primary reasons for mold to thrive. This is part of why it is so important to have your basement accessible at all times if you are in a flood risk area. If you can find even a minor leak before it reaches the point of a flood, you'll be able to save both time and money.

What to Expect

You or a cleaning expert will need to discard of any unprotected porous belongings such as clothing or furniture. 

Tile and concrete will need to be scrubbed with harsh cleaning materials like bleach to kill dangerous bacteria. 

All houses will have different requirements based on the state of the basement previous to the water damage, whether it is finished or unfinished and what kind of items were stored and how.

To restore your house to maximum functionality after a flood, call experts to access and treat your home and belongings.

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