Free Basement Cleaning Checklist

Knowing where to start cleaning a basement can be quite daunting.  They can easily become a storage space for unused furniture, decorations, or garbage. 

We’ve compiled a checklist below with simple tips and tricks to make cleaning your basement a bit more manageable.

To do:

  • Scrub or vacuum floors (depends on your flooring type)
  • Sort clutter
  • Organize a keep, donate, recycle, and junk pile
  • Throw out anything that may have been damaged. Ex. Water or humidity
  • Inventory and label items to keep
  • Clean windows and doors
  • Vacuum, deep clean, or wipe down any furniture
  • Vacuum vents
  • Clean light switches/fixtures
  • Organize storage areas.  Do you need to install shelves, build cabinets, or buy rubbermaid bins?
  • Spot wash walls and doors

The Added Value of A Clean Basement

A clean basement is a great asset to your home whether you’re planning to live in your house for the next 20 years, or are preparing for a move.

Personal Use

Clean windows without dust, caked on dirt, or blocked by debri make the space feel welcome with natural light.  Not only will your family want to spend more time in the basement, but it will also be safer, considering that natural light can reduce the growth of mold and mildew.

Real Estate

Everyone knows that increased square footage increases real estate value, but that rule doesn’t apply quite the same when the buyer cannot see the space.  By clearing room in your basement, you are giving buyers the opportunity to envision their own life in the house.  Clear, well-lit spaces look much larger than obstructed, inaccessible spaces.


If you find yourself getting stuck, offers professional services to help clean out basements.  You may want to consider asking for help for things like mould or mass clutter. 
We can sort through belongings and work with you to restore your space to the beautiful living condition it used to be in.


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