WeMove-It.com is privileged to be a hoarder cleanup service.  Our discreet, non-judgmental and caring team put YOU first.  We understand even reaching out for help may be difficult.  Rest assured we walk with you and NOT around you.

What is Hoarding?

According to eMentalHealth.ca the definition is as follows: Hoarding disorder (aka compulsive hoarding or pathological hoarding) is acquiring possessions along with the failure to discard them, even if the items are worthless, no longer useful. Hoarded items fill the person's home, and can cause severe problems with day-to-day activities and relationships, and even pose a danger to life through being a fire and safety hazard.

For more information visit: Ementalhealth.ca

How we can help YOU – first step is to call us for a casual conversation with our Hoard Specialist John at  1-844-866-8348.  We just know that while speaking with him you will feel relaxed and at ease.  “John made me feel very comfortable, he didn’t rush me, he got me”. PL

Next Steps:

  • Our Hoard Specialist arranges a FREE in- home visit at your convenience
  • Following the home visit a FREE personalized plan is uniquely developed with your needs in mind
Our services will help YOU!

  • Hoarder cleanup services
  • Locating, sorting and packing of cherished items
  • Removal and disposal of garbage, debris and unwanted furniture and items
  • Extreme cleaning of all areas of the home
  • Hoarder cleaning services such as deep clean appliances, washrooms, kitchen cabinets and more
  • Deodorize, refresh and return all rooms functionality
  • We will collect, sort and pack important documents, mail and personal records
Additional Services –

  • Emergency Hoarding clean up services are available 24-7
  • Provide senior downsizing and relocation services
  • Prepare a property for resale / rental

WeMove-It.com is not just another hoarding company we pride ourselves on working with organizations that support clients who are hoarding in Toronto, hoarding in Hamilton and who require hoarding services and extreme cleaning services in surrounding areas.

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