Moving on Short Notice


Whether you’re a procrastinator who’s been putting off a move or are on the receiving end of a prompt eviction, here are some helpful tips for packing and executing your short notice move.

How to Pack Quickly

Ideally, you’ll have a few days to sort through, donate, or recycle your belongings. However, in most cases, there are a few easy things you can do to speed up the process.

  • Make a list of items that you use every day, and cannot live without (ex. a pair of pants, your phone charger, toiletries, etc.). Pack these items in a backpack so that you’ll have easy access to them at any time and don’t have to waste time unpacking and repacking to find your essentials.
  • Buy appropriately sized boxes, rubber bins, or containers made for moving and storage.  The last thing you and your movers want on moving day is to be unable to carry oversized boxes or several tiny boxes because you were unprepared.
  • If you don’t have the time to pack yourself, hire packers. We know the best ways to sort and pack so nothing will get damaged.   
  • Arrange for pets, plants, and delicate antiques to be stored before your movers come.
  • Thaw your freezer beforehand.  Built up ice can leak and cause a mess to nearby boxes.

Picking a Mover

Hire knowledgeable movers with good reviews.  It’s easy to choose the first mover you find, however, first does not mean most qualified.

Ask Questions Like:

Are you insured?
What happens if something breaks?
Are there any additional fees?
Are you certified?


Schedule a day with your mover that’s flexible for you.  Even if you’ve been given short notice, one day spent planning is worth it if it ensures smooth sailing come moving day. 

Pick a day that will be easy to schedule a pet or babysitter; it may be a day that you have work off or do not have to work the following day if you are tired from moving.  Convenience is key!  

The Bottom Line

Moving does not have to be an ordeal.  Dedicate a small amount of time to make sure you have the most qualified help and moving day will be a breeze!

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