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feng shui

Feng Shui!

When organizing your home many turn to the Chinese art of Feng Shui. 

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cluttered estate

Estate Clean Out


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couple packing

Moving on Short Notice!

Whether you’re a procrastinator who’s been putting off a move or are on the receiving end of a prompt eviction, here are some helpful tips for packing and executing your short notice move.

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hoarded space

Hoarding Care & Cleanup

Hoarding is a loosely used term. Some refer it as a persistent difficulty in disposing of, throwing or parting away with things because of the constant feeling that it might come in useful in the future.

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Is it a Collection, Is It Clutter, or Is It Hoarding?

What you might think of as a prized collection, the ones closest to you might think of as clutter or a hoarding situation.

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checklist image

Basement Cleaning Checklist

We’ve compiled a checklist below with simple tips and tricks to make cleaning your basement a bit more manageable.

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flooded basement

Cleaning a Flooded Basement

Cleaning after a flood can be exhausting. Pre-planning and making a resource list can help alleviate some of that stress and save you time and money.

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