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Hoarding Services & Extreme Cleaning

discreet, non-judgmental and caring
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Hoarding Services Details

Detail-Oriented and empathetic
Comprehensive cleanup: Specialized hoarder cleanup services, including emergency responses available 24/7 for urgent needs.
Sorting and saving: Expertly locating, sorting, and packing cherished items, alongside secure collection and organization of important documents and personal records.
Deep cleaning restoration: In-depth cleaning from appliances to washrooms and kitchens, coupled with deodorization to refresh every corner of the home for restored functionality.
Disposal and decluttering: Efficient removal of unwanted items, garbage, and debris, ensuring a clean slate for every space.
Transition support: Offering senior downsizing and relocation services, plus preparing properties for resale or rental, easing transitions every step of the way.
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& Privacy

We approach every project with sensitivity. Your comfort and privacy are our top priorities.
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Hoarding Experience

Every situation is unique. We have vast experience, making the process manageable and less overwhelming.
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Quick & Easy Turnaround

Focused on fast service to get your space sorted and comfortable, no hassle involved.

Hoarding & Extreme Cleaning FAQs

Hoarding is a disorder characterized by the excessive collection of items, regardless of their value, and the inability to discard them, leading to clutter that disrupts living spaces and daily activities.

Hoarding disorder affects an estimated 2-6% of the population worldwide. It can occur among people of all ages and backgrounds, making it a significant and widespread concern.

Your privacy is paramount. Our team handles every cleanup with discretion, ensuring a respectful and confidential process from start to finish. We’re here to support, not judge.

Start with a no-pressure call to WeMove-It and chat with our Hoarding Specialist, John, at 1-844-866-8348. We then arrange a complimentary in-home visit tailored to your schedule. After assessing your needs, we craft a personalized cleanup plan designed specifically for you.

Homes cleaned with care.

With specialized hoarding cleanup services across Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto, we’re tackling hoarding with respect and understanding. Our Hoard Specialist can provide a free estimate!
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Hoarding Success Stories

Our focus is on making your space livable and functional again, with a team ready to tackle any challenge.
Rose Borg
Hamilton, Ontario
Considerate, non-judgmental. They were communicative, organized, and very professional when it came to removal and deep cleaning. They were able to dispose and recycle numerous large bags of the items I needed to purge. My junk is gone along with my stress.
Jessica Agro
Hamilton, Ontario
I would highly recommend this team! They were friendly and efficient when cleaning out a hoarding clear out. They were very compassionate with my aunt through the whole process! Also very cost efficient. Please keep them in mind when needing help with any of their services.

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