Hundreds of tons of garbage is produced annually. This includes all the waste produced at homes, companies, manufacturing units, and other places. Waste management is a process that describes all the activities involved in cleaning, sorting, and disposing junk.  When you are spring cleaning your house or preparing for a move, you can call garbage removal services in your locality to remove all the junk and safely dispose it.

There are many principles involved in waste management. They are:

3R’s Waste hierarchy mentions 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. All junk materials should be classified into different types based on their hierarchy. First, we should try to reduce the amount of waste generated in any process. To do this, work processes should be streamlined. Manufacturing units should have a quality check in place that minimizes wastage. Secondly, generated waste items should be checked to see if they can be reused or recycled. Both these techniques reduce dump in landfill. Reuse and recycle are environmentally-friendly practices.

Polluter Pays Principle

This principle indicates that the polluter should pay for the pollution caused. The payment should be used towards setting up waste management system.

Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency refers to tracking production and consumption patterns across the globe. This allows making optimum use of raw materials to prevent wastage. It also deals with researching on the sustainability of the materials and their impact on the environment.

Waste management systems encourage use of garbage removal services for safe and efficient junk removal. These service providers have professionals who will carefully remove all the junk and sort it into different types for proper disposal. The companies providing moving services in Hamilton will also provide reliable junk removal services.

It is important that companies providing garbage removal services should know about the basic principles of waste management in order to provide the best services.

At We Move It, we employ eco-friendly methods of garbage removal. We follow the waste management principles to provide the best services for our clients. If you are looking for the best junk removal or moving services in Hamilton, we are there to provide all the assistance.