Want to spring clean your house, but are worried about disposing the junk? No worries! Just call up a junk removal company in Burlington, Ontario. They will send a team of highly trained staff who will offer professional junk removal services. From sorting junk to packing things, they take care of every step essential for junk removal. If you are not sure about the various services offered for residential junk removal, read on to find out more.

Debris Removal

If you’ve just completed a landscaping project or cleared your backyard, then there will be plenty of green waste – branches, clippings, old timber, firewood, and other debris. The junk removal company in Burlington, Ontario will completely remove all the debris. They will also remove windows, shingles, fencing, soil, frames, plasterboard, and other landscaping debris.

Electronic Waste

We use so many electronic items at home. Do you know that these wastes, when dumped in a landfill, can pollute the soil and the water? So, utmost care should be taken to recycle and thrash these items. If the items are still functioning, then the company will donate it to a charity and give you the receipt. Otherwise, the items will be dismantled and safely disposed following the precautions of electronic waste disposal. The various household electronic items that can be disposed are microwave ovens, printers, televisions, shredders, monitors, computers, refrigerators, and more.

Furniture Removal

Do you have broken and damaged furniture in your home? You can’t simply dump it in your yard and expect someone to pick it up. It is not only unsafe, but also against the municipality regulations. So, you need to go for junk removal services. The staff will see if the furniture can be repaired and reused. They will be sent to charities that accept such items. If the furniture pieces cannot be used in any manner, then they will be appropriately disposed.

Apart from these services, the junk removal company may also offer AC disposal, estate cleanout, foreclosure removal, and other services. When you contact the junk removal company in Burlington, Ontario, check out the various residential junk removal services they offer.