Have you ever had so much stuff pile up…you get lost in all the newspapers, clothing, garbage and personal belongings?  And…you can’t figure out how to eliminate all the clutter while keeping what you love?  At WeMove-It.com we have the experience, knowledge and compassion to help you de-clutter and rid yourself and your home of accumulated items.  Some people refer to the over accumulation as “hoarding”.  Research shows that “hoarding” can be a result of a traumatic experience, a loss or other life altering experiences.  Whatever the situation our professionals are here to help the person and their families re-claim their lives and find the peace and joy they once had in their homes.  Don’t let fear, embarrassment or anxiousness get in the way of calling us…we are here to help you in a kind, careful and supportive manner.  Enjoy the NEW YEAR in your home free from the clutter that overwhelms you…let us put the home “sweet” home back in your life!