1.  Ensure the heat and lights are on at the home you are moving to.
  2.  Keep a shovel and scraper along with hats and mitts in your car during the move.  Eliminates the need to go hunting for these things.
  3. Get help from the professional movers at WeMove-It.com.  Winter moving can be more difficult and weather may be a factor.
  4. Get friends to watch your pets or a boarding service.  Cold temperatures can adversely affect your beloved pet.  Keep them safe and warm while you are moving.
  5. Wear layers of clothing that you can easily put on or take off.  Layers help to regulate body temperature and they are easier to take off or put on when you are going inside and outside during your move.

REMEMBER we are here to help your every step from your former home to your new home…no matter what the weather!