Are you planning to spring clean your house or simply go through all your things to remove all the unwanted and unused things? You should definitely sort through the junk before you discard them. Or, you can also call a junk removal company in Oakville to sort the junk and discard them. All the junk can be classified into three major types – recyclable, reusable, and thrash.

Recyclable materials

Recycling is a process that is used to convert useless things into useful items. Recycling not only allows you to make money from waste, but also plays a significant role in protecting the environment. The more items you recycle, lesser waste is dumped on the planet.

Items like plastic, paper, rubber, metal, and more can be recycled. The various items that can be recycled are paper, cardboard, broken glass jars and bottles, plastic bottles, tubs, trays and boxes, beverage cans, and aluminum foils and trays. Find out the recycling points in your locality and drop these items there. Sometimes, you may even be paid for the recyclable junk you drop. These places also collect small household appliances, electronic devices, computers, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, and other similar items. Toy cars, digital watches, telephones, mobile phones, and digital cameras are other items that can be recycled. Don’t throw lead acid batteries in the garbage, but send them to a recycling center, so that they can be safely recycled. Garden waste, mud, and other debris can also be recycled and used. If you don’t have the time to dispose the recyclable junk, call a junk removal company in Mississauga to do it for you.

Reusable Materials

There are loads of household materials that you can reuse. Even if you don’t find them useful, you can ask the junk removal company in Oakville to donate it to some charity where the things can be reused. So, what are the materials that can be reused? Tires, clothes, scrap paper, packaging materials, plastic and glass bottles, cardboard, bubble wrap, and newspapers. If the electronic items are slightly damaged, they can be repaired and reused.


All things that cannot be recycled or reused can be sent to the thrash. You can call in the junk removal company in Mississauga to transport all the thrash to the landfill.