If you are like me winter brings…well the blues.  Be it the fact that most of us are in our pj’s by 6pm and huddled on the sofa with some comfort food and drink…winter can be a long drawn out season with below frigid temps and early dusk hours.  While most of us think that moving or junk removal would be the last things on our mind, I would challenge you to look at the glass as half full.  Take advantage of those dreary weekends stuck indoors.  Use that extra indoor time to tackle jobs that have been sitting around for a while.  The basement OH the dreaded basement or attic or garage.  Use your time wisely…it gets you off the sofa and the rewards of a clean room well there is nothing like it.  And moving?  Well winter can be the best time…imagine the tulips sprouting out in early May at your new house, opening the windows and letting the breeze blow through, while others are just getting their houses on the market.  Did I mention calories burned?  Do you know that cleaning can burn off as much calories as a run?  Just another good reason to get busy.  When it is all said and done…call us to do your final purge.  Winter doesn’t stop our team…rain, snow, sleet or shine we will be there to get the job done so you can relax and enjoy your newly cleaned surroundings.