May 9th 2014

professional movers

That dreaded day has come and just your luck… it happens to be raining. Whether you have decided to hire a professional moving company or you are taking on the task yourself be sure to make sure all your valuables are covered with a furniture pad so that nothing  gets wet. If you need to get everything out of the house quick and you are doing the move yourself then try and keep thing in the garage rather then outside just in case you do get a rain storm. When it does start to rain be aware that the ramp you are using with the truck will tend to get slipper when wet, always wear steel toe boots as they will have more traction. Working as a team so there are no injuries is a must… always make sure you are on the same page as everyone involved with the move. Professional movers will have insurance to cover the movers in case anything happens although when taking on the task yourself chances are you don’t have those necessary insurance plans.