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WeMove-It is one of the popular moving companies in Toronto. One of the important reasons for our popularity is our punctuality. When you call us up for an appointment, we will make all the arrangements according to your preference. We will also call you up before the appointment time and check if it is convenient for you before we come to your place. WeMove-It offers a host of services including garbage removal services, relocation services, and hoarder cleanup services.

Whether you want to de-clutter your house for relocation or for annual cleanup, you can avail our garbage removal services. You can’t simply dump all the junk on the pavement or your yard and hope someone will clear it. It can also lead to lots of problems with your neighbors and the local authorities. So, it will be best if you make use of the junk removal services offered by WeMove-It. Our uniformed professionals will visit your location and help clear up all the unwanted items that you want to be thrown away. We will not simply take all the junk and dump it in the landfill. We will first sort and classify all the items depending on whether they can be donated, recycled, or thrashed. WeMove-It will help find charities that accept items for donation. This way, you not only reduce the clutter in your house, but also help the needy. Secondly, we will separate plastics, paper, electrical items, appliances, and other items that can be recycled. These items will be sent to the junkyard for recycling. Thirdly, waste that can’t be used in any form will be taken to the landfill. By segregating waste, we help reduce the dump in the landfill. It’s a small thing that we do on our part to protect the environment.

WeMove-It will give you a clear quote once we evaluate the extent of work involved in cleaning and removing garbage. We don’t have any hidden fees that may surprise you. If you are looking for one of the most reliable and efficient moving companies in Toronto, your search ends with WeMove-It.



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