Wemove-it.com moving company helped both business and personal clients with moves in Burlington, Oakville, Vaughn and Toronto areas in the month of March.  Some moves go very smoothly but there are usually challenges for any move which we can overcome. A common one is furniture that will fit out one door but can’t fit to move it into the new place.

This month we had a client with a rather large desk that could not fit into their new place, so what we did was disassemble the desk, the assembled it again once we had finished moving it to the room it was to go into.

Sometimes we are called upon to move pool tables as part of the move, or asked just to move a pool table as we did this past month. This always means disassembling the table, moving it then putting it back together at it’s destination. We are pleased to assist clients with these moves and take the utmost care in making sure it reaches it’s destination without damage.



If you need a moving company in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, or Toronto area for specialty moves for larger items such as moving a pool table, piano or any over sized furniture. We are your mover and are pleased to assist you.  Contact us for a no obligation quote today.