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Are you planning to relocate your office to a larger place? You don’t have to worry about the logistics of the relocation when you have WeMove-It to help you out. We provide efficient and reliable moving services in Hamilton. There are so many little and critical details involved in shifting the office to a new location. You have to move all the computer systems, set up work tables for all the staff and take care of all the administrative details. We understand that the entire packing and moving process requires high level of planning and execution. Our staff at WeMove-It will work with your company’s administrative department to ensure a smooth and seamless transition from one office premises to another.

WeMove-It also provides junk removal services in Hamilton. So, before you move to the new location, if you want to discard the old, broken, and unused things, we can handle it for you. We will sort and classify junk before sending them to the landfill. By removing recyclable and reusable materials, we reduce things to be dumped in the landfill. Items that can be reused can be donated to charities that accept them. Things that can be recycled can be sent to the junkyard so that they can be converted into usable materials. By doing so, we can make optimum use of all the junk.

After all the clutter and junk is removed, our staff will neatly pack the remaining materials. We will use protective materials and covers to ensure that the delicate computer systems are not damaged during the transport. It would be preferable if you could ask your employees to label their systems and accessories so that there is no mix up while packing or unpacking. Labeling will also help you easily set up systems and organize work stations in the new office location. We have hourly charges for packing and the price excludes the cost of packing material. When you book an appointment for moving services in Hamilton, we will upfront quote the prices. Plus, we don’t have any hidden charges or fees.



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