Insurance PolicyAlways ask to make sure that your professional movers do have insurance.  Movers should always have insurances and also be bonded.  From the time your belongings leave your house to the time it arrives at the next location you should always be fully covered. Some moving companies will have insurance strictly for when the belongings are in their moving truck and not for when the professional movers are handling them; also good to ask and make sure you are fully covered. Insurance should not only cover your personal belongings which are being moved but also your property, if your walls or floors get damaged along with your outside property such as your front lawn, driveway or the front door itself. Your GTA movers are fully covered for all aspects of your move from the time it starts to when it ends.

When checking to be sure about insurance always remember to look at the date that the policy expires and what the deductible is for. Regardless of what city you are located in you always want to make sure that your Hamilton movers will have the same insurance that your Oakville movers or Burlington movers will have (different movers should still have the same insurance)


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