June 19th 2014


So you’ve decided you are going to hiring a moving company for your big move we know there is A LOT to look at and deal with so here is a broken down list of what you should make sure the company you are about to hire has:


1) Insurance – You want to make sure the company moving your belongings has insurance for their own truck, employees and insurance to cover everything they touch from when it is in your house to the moment it is in your new home.


2) Shrink Wrap – Make sure everything gets shrink wrapped that way anything with doors or openings stay closed during traveling.


3) Furniture Pads – The last thing you want is something you own to get   scratched or dinged. Everything should get nicely shrink wrapped and then wrapped in a furniture pad.


4) NO Hidden Fees – A lot of moving companies will give you extremely low hourly rates from the get go, only to let you during the move about all the little hidden fees that add up quickly.


5) Do they dissemble AND assemble – A lot of times you will get movers that are more then willing to take things apart so they fit nicely, but when it comes to assembling it again they will give you some reason why they cannot do it, leaving you with parts everywhere.


6) Customer Reviews – Ask if they have any testimonials from past customers regarding how their moves went.


7) In-Home Estimates- Get an individual from the company to come by and give you a more accurate quote on the job.


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