Imagine that you moved from one home to another yesterday. Yes yesterday. Now look around. What do you see?

Scenario 1: You didn’t plan your move well:

You’re looking at a mess of poorly packed boxes piled on the main floor. You’re hungry, thirsty, stressed and cannot find your coffee maker and favourite mug because they’re in two different boxes and you’re too tired to find them.

Want your move to fit into Scenario 2? Try these tips from the pros at WeMove­-It:

Immediately after the movers left you’re looking calmly at well­packed boxes sitting exactly where they are supposed to be. Kitchen boxes are in the kitchen. Bathroom boxes in the bathroom. Bedding is in the bedrooms. You get the idea. Best of all? You’re pouring a cup of coffee from your coffee maker into your favourite mug looking forward to making quick work of unpacking.

Want your move to fit into Scenario 2? Try these tips from the pros at WeMove-It: 1. Donate or trash more than you move.
2. Pack with unpacking in mind.
3. Colour code boxes to matching colour coded rooms.

4. Pack a box that is “First to Open” and include any bedding and toiletries you’ll need (including a few towels), your favourite coffee, coffee maker and mugs (caffeine always helps on a move) plus include any comfort items that will make you feel at home faster.

5. Arrive at your new home before the movers and quickly construct heavy duty plastic shelving units (available at Home Depot for less than $30) in your new basement. Have movers place boxes directly on your new shelving units so even your basement is in order from the start.

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