“The Change of Address service allows customers to continue receiving their mail from their old address at their new address without interruption; this also provides better protection of their personal information,” says Alexis Zamkow, General Manager, Data and Targeting Product and Services, at Canada Post.
Filing a change of address
For residential change of address, customers can do so online (canadapost.ca/ecoa) or at their post office. It is recommended that the request be made at least 3 days prior (at the post office) or as early as possible. The service is available for a 6-month and a 12-month period; fees range from $45 (6-month period within province) to $225 (12-month period international move).
With the Change of Address service, movers will obtain free notification cards to notify all their correspondents as well as a planning list to help throughout the move. For more information, visit canadapost.ca/ecoa.

(information cited from: Press Release (May 29, 2012) –  Moving trends: 1 in 5 Canadians move because of work – website canadapost.ca)