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apartmentWhen moving into an apartment move there are always some details you want to double check. Measure beds to make sure they in fact fit in the space you are dealing with. Also making sure you have space for everything that you are bringing in. Having a service elevator booked is very important when moving into an apartment or condo, with 2 different elevators professional movers don’t have to wait for residents to go up and down before they get the chance to bring your belongings up.. having this service elevator saves you time and money. This also helps a lot when it comes to junk removal services for the same reasons.

The majority of time your GTA movers will bring door stoppers which is very helpful to make sure we always have a clear path when carrying heavy items. When setting up the move with the landlord be sure to let them know that moving day is coming up and you will need to make sure that the moving doors in the building are available and they will not be double booked with other movers on that same day and time, this is also something that will save you time and money so movers are not waiting to share with other movers.

Remember we offer packing assistance, moving and junk removal services in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and surrounding areas. Our professional movers do the heavy lifting for you! We use industry standard floor runners, furniture pads and blankets plus stretch wrap to protect your valuables.

Don’t trust just any moving company, trust WeMove-It.com, the professional GTA movers!

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